Above and Beyond (Advanced Skills Challenge)


Age: 10 months and older

Prerequisite: Instructor approval

Cost: $200

Weeks: 6


Current Schedule:


None Scheduled



Ever wondered if your dog could walk past distractions without you holding the leash? Or whether he would hold his wait while other dogs were called all around him? We practice these skills and more in our advanced skills challenge! Each week, the class will be presented with a challenge. Then we will spend the next hour breaking it down piece by piece and practicing the skills needed to complete it. At the end of the hour, we will give the challenge a try–and you will be surprised and what your dog is capable of! This class is for dogs and their handlers who have already taken an intermediate obedience class.


All dogs must be current on their vaccines and have had a recent (within 6 months) clear fecal exam.

NOTE: Aggressive dogs are not permitted in Flying Ace Puppy School group training classes. We are happy to refer you to local trainers who specialize in dogs with aggression issues.