Does your dog run toward you when you call–and then get distracted partway? Or run right past you, playing keep away? Does your dog head off in the opposite direction when you call? Or never even turn her head? The this seminar is for you. Join us as we spend the day deconstructing the recall, breaking it down into the important components, and then building it back up again, to result in a better, faster, more reliable, more joyful recall.


Prerequisite:Your dog must be proficient in basic skills, and able to work calmly around other dogs.

Cost: $100

Instructor: Heather Rush

Current Schedule: 

Saturday, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, August 12, 2017 Location: Crystal Creek Farms,  Woodinville.

Class is CLOSED. email to be added to the waitlist


All dogs must be current on their vaccines and have had a recent clear fecal exam.

NOTE: Aggressive dogs are not permitted in Flying Ace Puppy School group training classes. We are happy to refer you to local trainers who specialize in dogs with aggression issues.