Experience Puppy Project

EPP Kirkland 1

Age: 8 to 24 weeks

Prerequisite: none



Instructor: Heather Rush

Current Schedule: 



None Scheduled.


Socialization is one of the most important goals we have for our puppies’ first few months. Teaching them about the world around them helps them to grow and develop into well-balanced dogs. Socialization is about more than exposure, however. It is about introducing your puppy to new environments, new people, new sights and sounds, even new textures in a way that helps build their confidence and helps them learn to approach the world without fear.

In this class we will take our puppies to different places where we can gently introduce them to these things, in a controlled fashion. We will practice safe ways to introduce our puppies to new sensations, such as walking on different surfaces, what to do when our puppies are uncertain, how to greet people without practicing bad habits, and how to navigate around other dogs when out in public.

Class will meet in a new location each week. Locations subject to change.



All dogs must be current on their vaccines and have had a recent (within 6 months) clear fecal exam.

NOTE: Aggressive dogs are not permitted in Flying Ace Puppy School group training classes. We are happy to refer you to local trainers who specialize in dogs with aggression issues.