Flying Ace training classes are held at the beautiful Crystal Creek Farms.

The address is 8902 222nd St. SE, Woodinville, WA 98077


To drive to Crystal Creek Farms from the North or South:

  • I-405 toward Bothell (Bothell is north of Bellevue/Kirkland and south of Lynwood/Everett)
  • SR-522 east (take the Monroe/Wenatchee exit from I-405)
  • Stay on SR-522 east for about 3.5 miles until you come to a traffic signal on the freeway — NOT an “offramp” type of exit
  • Paradise Lake Road east (first traffic signal after you get on SR-522)
  • East Bostian Road south (first street after you turn onto Paradise Lake Road — at the Shell gas station)
  • 222nd Street SE east (first street after you turn on East Bostian Road — 222nd only goes left)
  • Gravel driveway south at 8902 222nd Street SE (it’s the first driveway on your right hand side after you turn onto 222nd Street SE)


Important Details:

  • Don’t get off SR-522 in Woodinville — keep going about 3.5 miles (on SR-522 east bound like you’re going to Monroe) up a long hill and down the other side.
  • Paradise Lake Road is not an off ramp exit. It is a traffic light on the freeway. And, it is the first traffic light you will encounter after getting on SR-522.
  • East Bostian Road parallels SR-522 on the east. After you turn onto Paradise Lake Road, you only travel a very short distance, like 200 feet, before you turn right (south) onto East Bostian Road. It’s a very short distance from SR-522 to East Bostian Road.
  • 222nd Street SE is only 4 tenths (0.4) of a mile down East Bostian Road. It is the first street you come to and you can only go one way on it — east.
  • After turning onto 222nd Street SE, our driveway is right at the corner on the south side of the street. You won’t even get your car turned all the way and there’s our driveway! You’ll know it’s our gravel driveway by the “Invisible Fence®” sign. It’s a white sign with a big, beautiful Golden Retriever on it.
  • Drive all the way down the gravel driveway until you come to the end; the driveway forks. Turn left on Bark Ave and you’re there!