Leash Skills


Age: 5 months and up

Prerequisite: Basic obedience classes

Cost: $185

Weeks: 6

Current Schedule:



See our summer “Focus on…” classes for the three week version of this class. The regular class will return in September!


A large portion of the time we spend with our dogs is spent on leash. Whether we are out on a walk in the neighborhood, hiking the pipeline trail or visiting one of the area’s many dog-friendly stores, it is nice to have a dog who will happily walk beside us. This class will help you learn the skills to train your dog to do just that.

Too often, dogs get left home because they just don’t have great leash skills– they lunge at the sight of other dogs, they pull ahead when walking or jogging, and trip you every time you make a turn.  In response, we often turn to dragging, yanking on the collar, or resigning ourselves to being pulled down the street.  The walk becomes a battle and a source of frustration.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With a focus on walking with as little leash pressure as possible, this class will teach you methods for helping your dog understand what loose-leash walking is, what corrections are appropriate and when you would use them, and how and when to reward. We will also discuss what the different leash and collar choices are, and why you would use one over another.

This class is for dogs that already have a good foundation in basic obedience, such as sit, down and wait or stay, and want to work on improving their leash skills.

All dogs must be current on their vaccines and have had a recent clear fecal exam.

NOTE: Aggressive dogs are not permitted in Flying Ace Puppy School group training classes. We are happy to refer you to local trainers who specialize in dogs with aggression issues.