Reading with Rover Hospital Seminar


This seminar is for badged Reading with Rover teams who would like to volunteer at hospitals, assisted living facilities or hospice . The seminar will cover topics such as patient confidentiality, infection control protocol, advocating for your dog, what to do when hospital policies conflict with Reading with Rover policies, and introducing your dog to medical equipment. This is a required seminar for teams that would like to volunteer at Swedish Edmonds, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Evergreen Health Kirkland, Evergreen Health Monroe, and Evergreen Hospice.

Prerequisite:must be a currently registered therapy team

Cost: $50

Instructor: Heather Rush

Current Schedule: 

Saturday, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, February 24, 2018 Location: Crystal Creek Farms,  Woodinville.

Class is OPENregister here