Summer “Focus on…” series


Introducing our new summer “Focus on…” classes! These three week classes will focus on specific training elements, going in-depth on each topic. There will be three sessions, June, July and August. Take one, two or all three! Classes are suitable for all ages and skill levels with the exception of Focus on Socialization (Puppies only, ages 8 to 16 weeks), Focus on Out and About (Intermediate and higher level dogs only) and Focus on Advanced Skills (Intermediate and higher level dogs only).

Class list:

Focus on Socialization–A three week version of our Puppy Kindergarten class, focusing on socializing puppies to a variety of sights, sounds and experiences, as well as introducing the basics and answering questions.

Focus on Leash–This class will spend three weeks improving your leash skills, helping you and your dog achieve a loose leash walk.

Focus on Recall–“Come!” One of the most useful and most frustrating commands in dog training. This class will spend three weeks just focused on teaching and improving this important skill.

Focus on Greetings–Polite greetings in public, managing other people’s interaction with your dog, helping your dog remain calm in exciting situations, and learning calm door greetings–all of these will be covered in this three week greetings class.

Focus on Tricks–Learning tricks means learning the way your dog learns. In this three week class you and your dog will have fun learning a variety of new tricks while increasing your bond and understanding of each other.

Focus on Out and About–Our popular Out and About class in a three week version! Suitable for intermediate and higher level dogs.


Cost: $100 per three week class

Instructor: Heather Rush

Location: Crystal Creek Farm, Woodinville (except Out and About, which meets in various locations)

Schedule: Please see individual month schedule for specific dates and times. Click below:







All dogs must be current on their vaccines and have had a recent (within 6 months) clear fecal exam.