Praise for Heather and her group classes:

 …we really enjoyed your class and your simple, easy teaching methods! As two people who haven’t raised a puppy yet your directions made sense, we loved your rationale for things and everything was easy to follow – thank you! –Kelly M.

Just wanted to let you know that your puppy class was worth its weight in gold. The socialization, the tips, relaxation, etc. have been very useful. Many thanks. –Kay M.

I just also want to tell ya, Heather, that CJ and I love your clases very much and look forward to each one. You have a wonderful easy way of explaining techniques and principles and help us and our dog relax so we can learn and remember better and have really helped me teach CJ how to become a SEATTLE BEST DOG on my outings and with spending time with family and friends and at our Pup’prentice field trips. –Peggy D.

Just wanted to say Harrison and I really enjoyed our Seattle Dogs class today–we felt so good afterwards, we went to lunch at the dog pub Norm’s in Freemont! I enjoyed a burger in peace while he munched a bully stick. It was great to have good food and be surrounded by all these well-mannered dogs and mine was one of them :) Thanks! –Ashley S.
I’m so impressed with the class I’m in now. Heather is so unique and I have learned so much with just two classes. She truly has a gift. –Denise M.
Thanks for a great class! I really enjoyed it. Today took me out of my comfort zone, which is good. Harley did much better than I thought, esp. since he has been resting a lot since his surgery Tuesday…I also want to say that I appreciate how real you keep things. I especially appreciated you sharing about True sitting in the kitchen while you cook etc…Thanks again!! –Kathy S.
Just thought I would let you know how much fun the classes have been. –Charlene R.
Thank you again for the last six weeks of training, I truly enjoyed it. Your training expertise is amazing and Frank has come a long way in the short time you’ve helped us. –Mike B.
Thank YOU so much for coming and teach us and the follow up list, Heather. We have been using the techniques from you to stop her from biting. I know it takes consistency and a lot of repetitions – but I am sure it started to work already. –Vivian H.
I just had to report in about my first day in a group class with Nate and Heather. All I can say is “wow.”…Nate and Heather were awesome, attentive, and right there when I needed help in a constructive, practical and gentle way. –Julie R.